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Most people count their home and their vehicle among their most valuable possessions. Both are at risk if your Clinton garage door is not secure. Evidence suggests entry through the garage door in a home invasion is increasing in frequency in Clinton. The reason? While most maintain security at their front and back doors, they are more apt to allow an insecure garage door entry to remain a weak point in their Clinton home security. Don't leave your home vulnerable. Protect your possessions and your family's security with a secure and well-maintained Clinton garage door. Current security features are available in many modern Clinton garage door models. If your garage door is out of date, consult a professional for a quote on a full replacement of your garage door. Such an investment in your home security now can potentially save you thousands of dollars by protecting your home from an invasion.



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Overhead door fix

Garage Door Service Clinton, NJ

Any of these situations can render your door inoperable or even dangerous. For example, if the springs give way, you probably will not be able to open the door; and in the event someone is around the door when a spring breaks, they can be injured. If one or both springs break, your best course of action is to call for professional garage door repair service.

Springs and other moving parts of your garage door need professional attention, as working with them can be dangerous. Modern garage doors that use springs are usually torsion type or extension type. Torsion springs are wound on a rod above the opening. Extension type springs have a cable inside the spring that makes the spring safer, as long as the cable is properly installed and fastened because the length of cable is specific to the size of your door. Built to last 5,000-30,000 cycles of raising and lowering your door, springs can give way during operation or even when closed.

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Garage Door Replacement in Clinton, NJ

For fast replacements, repair and safety inspections of springs and other moving parts, call or contact Girard's Garage Door Repair Services  for garage door repair in Clinton, NJ. We provide 24/7 emergency repair services and can also schedule preventative maintenance to ensure your door is functioning properly.

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