garage door service


You depend on your garage door; it’s a large component of your home. It’s the gateway to your home, and it keeps all of your property secure. However, you probably don’t give it much thought until it doesn’t go up or down. A broken garage door can bring your day to a complete halt. A garage door that doesn’t work can be a significant problem if your car is stuck in the garage or if you are locked out of your home. It can also compromise the safety of your property and family. If your garage door is not working, where do you start to resolve the problem? What should you be looking for?

We have listed below some main contenders to your garage door issue. While some of this issues can be easily fixed, please do not attempt to try something you’re unsure of. Always contact the professionals at Girard’s Garage Door Services. Garage doors are under a tremendous amount of tension and can be very dangerous. Working on a garage door can result in injury if you do not know what you are doing. Leave it to the professionals.

Here are some reasons why your garage door is not working:

1. The garage door won’t open or close

You might need new batteries in your remote, keypad, or wall button. Or perhaps they need to be reprogrammed. If the door is stuck open, check to be sure the photoelectric eyes near the base are aligned and not obstructed by anything. It could be either of those things.

2. The garage door sticks

If the garage door sticks, the tracks, rollers, or hardware may be dirty causing it not to work correctly. You can clean those parts, then re-lubricate moving parts. The tracks may have small dents or flat spots which can be gently tapped out. If you’re unsure, give us a call, and we can spot the contaminated part.

3. The garage door sags on one side

If it’s a multi-sectional door, something may be loose, and the hinges on one side may need tightening. It’s also possible the tracks on each side are out of alignment. You can use a level to check and see if that’s the issue.

4. The garage door closes then reopens again

Something may be out of adjustment. Contact Girard Garage Door Services, and we can come and adjust it for you.

5. The garage door doesn’t close all the way

In this instance, something may be obstructing the photoelectric eyes which are stopping the garage door from coming down all the way. Make sure nothing is obstructing it.

6. Broken springs or a broken motor

These are the most severe garage door repairs. If you have a broken spring or need repair to your garage door opener, you will need to contact us right away, as it can be a serious issue and dangerous to fix on your own. It is always recommended to replace springs in pairs, to ensure balanced operation.