Most Common Problems With Garage Doors

What Are The Most Common Problems With Garage Doors?

What Are The Most Common Problems With Garage Doors?

Is your garage door completely outdated? Do you struggle with getting your garage door to open or close on a regular basis? Does this issue with your garage door opener can completely inconvenience your day? We tend to not give much thought about our garage door until it’s malfunctioning and we’re in a rush. However, it’s easy to ensure that it works correctly at all times by hiring the professionals at Girard’s Garage Door Service to perform an inspection. We handle large and small garage repairs with the same commitment to excellence. When you need a new garage door, we understand that you need service right away to protect your home and family. We are ready with same day service for regular jobs and 24-hour emergency service.

To have a better understanding of your garage door, here are the most common problems with garage doors:

1. The garage door won’t open or close from time to time.

This could be for a number of reasons. A top contender is that your remote battery is dying. In this case, change the battery in your remote. Take the time to change the batteries in your other remotes and your exterior keypad, as well, if you have one.

2. The door opens or closes with a loud noise.

The torsion spring may be broken. If not the torsion spring, the other possible cause is that one of the lifting cables is broken or on the verge of breaking. Perform a visual check, if something appears to be out of place or not intact, refrain from using your garage door and contact us immediately so our professional staff can repair it.

3. The door has come off its hinges.

Most of the time, this situation is due to one of the horizontal tracks falling out of alignment, the metal bracket at the end of the track coming loose, or the bolts holding the bracket in place coming unscrewed. If the garage door itself is on the floor, contact us right away. Do not try to lift it on your own. If the rollers are still in the tracks, close the door gently and firmly tighten the bolts holding the bracket in place.

4. When closing, the door goes down a little and then abruptly goes back up.

The sensor units are probably misaligned. On every garage door opener, there’s a button for adjusting the sensitivity of the motor when the door is closing. There’s an invisible beam of light that travels across the door frame. If the beam is cut off, the door interprets this as meaning that someone or something is in the way. To fix this, you have to align one of the sensor units with the other one. Take a look at the control panel; an indicator light should stop blinking to show the sensors are aligned.

5. There’s a power outage.

If your door is not opening, it may be due to a local power outage. Open your garage door manually. To do this, you have to pull back on the emergency cord to deactivate the motor.

In some cases, these common problems can be easily fixed but in more severe cases, always consult the professionals at Girard’s Garage Door Service to ensure your safety and the safety of your property.