The Top Garage Door Brands of 2014

When searching for a garage door, it is important that quality and durability are the top factors in your purchase. These doors will be what comes between your home and someone entering it uninvited, protection for your car, and need to run smoothly for the bulk of your time. There are a few top garage door brands that have proven the test of time.

Wayne Dalton

These garage doors are known as the “designer” garage door brands. There are many beautiful options that can match the look of a home. For example, if your home is stone outside–you could select an absolutely gorgeous wooden style garage door that really makes the house look amazing from the outside. No matter what type of door you select, it has been designed with style in mind. Dalton even builds commercial doors for larger storage areas.


For those that need more than just a basic garage door, Liftmaster comes into play. There are various lines that cater to different types of customers. While there are the basic ones, there are also premium garage doors. They are equipped to cater to those that have several cars, for example. They are there for those that have residential properties and those that have business properties. They have high technological advances which makes it easy to open the doors from other places with smart phone applications.

The average person likely assumes that Craftsman only make tools, but that is not the case. In fact, they have a handle on most things that involve work stations. Many work stations that require tools are garages. They have been in the business of providing sturdy, reliable products for several decades and was established by Sears. Much like many other garage door brands, there are options that include single garage doors or double.


The automatically opening garage door line is fantastic. You can open these doors with a remote, which makes it much easier than the usual manual garage doors. It can be helpful when you are carrying stuff or simply cannot lift the door. When you are on vacation or gone for an extended period of time for any reason, there is a vacation lock. Genie garage doors also make use of infrared systems, which add to the security of your garage and home.


These top garage door brands stand out from the rest. They offer high quality, reliable products that really do stand the test of time. You no longer have to choose between style and workability, which makes for a more satisfying shopping experience. Now it is up to as to which one you want to choose!

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