Is It Time for Garage Door Spring Repair?

Garage doors should always be handled by a professional to prevent it from further damage. If you own a garage, you know the importance of maintaining a healthy, error-free, garage door to ensure that the door opens on time, every single time. If your garage door is giving you problems, there could be several reasons. The best line of action is to call in a professional garage door spring repair business.

Common Problems That Need Garage Door Repair

When you think that something is wrong with your garage door, it can be difficult to determine where exactly the problem is. Sometimes the garage door spring needs to be done on the door itself, and other times the opener needs to be fixed.

Opening or Closing of the Door

Garage door may either roll up in pieces or simply rise up all in one piece. They both are mainly operated on something we call spring tensions. This means that as the door moves on metal tracks installed on the garage walls a heavy spring will be doing most of the work and provide the most power. If you suspect this is the problem you may need to call in garage door repairer.

Don’t Make It Worse

Many times people think they can fix this easily by doing something to your garage door tracks. They may bang them with a hammer to get them realigned. This often makes the problem worse especially if you aren’t sure how garage door tracks are supposed to look. It’s best left to Girard’s garage door specialists as working with spring tension can be extremely dangerous. The garage door is a risk for falling when the spring is released and that is extremely dangerous.

Cable Systems

If your door runs on a cable system, with a pulley as well as a spring, this can make for a more serious problem. Some people have accidentally taken their entire door off performing their own garage door cable repair! What a hassle that can be getting it all back in place. To determine whether the problem is the cable or the pulley or something else entirely may take a professional. They can handle your garage door spring repair faster than you trying to do it yourself without any risk.

Not working At All?

Sometimes the cables and springs all work fine and the garage door opener is the culprit. A garage door opener repair involves looking at the sensory system of the opener and where the opener should be reading to get the door open. It can involve needing new pieces or simply repairing the ones you have, if at all possible. It is always possible that some more serious problems can require electricians and professionals.