How To Get Rid Of A Noisy Garage Door

How To Get Rid Of A Noisy Garage Door

How To Get Rid Of A Noisy Garage Door

Loud garage doors can be incredibly annoying, not only to you and your family but your neighbors as well. Fortunately, many noisy garage doors can be silenced with just a few quick fixes and regular maintenance checks. There are a few ways you can tone down the noise yourself. If you’re unsure, always contact Girard’s Garage Door Services for fast service or to answer any questions or concerns.

Here are some suggestions for quieting your noisy garage door:

1. Hinge Replacement

Old garage door hinges can become worn and used over a long period of time. The roller stem often begins to wear causing noise when opening and closing. Inspect the hinges for erosion by moving them from side to side. If that seems adequate, you can lubricate them to help with the offensive sounds.

2. Retighten All the Nuts & Bolts

Using a wrench, check all the garage door nuts and bolts and retighten them if needed. Over time, some of the bolts may have worked loose with the daily vibrations of the garage door. Tightening the nuts and bolts may be a simple fix to avoid the loud sounds when the door is moving up or down.

3. Replace the Rollers

If retightening all the nuts and bolts hasn’t solved the problem, try inspecting the rollers. Open and shut the door while watching them. This may be the source of the noise.

Some rollers are metal and others are nylon, and if they are worn, it will cause them to become squeaky. If the rollers do appear worn, it might be a good idea to have them replaced to ensure your safety and security. If the rollers seem to be in good order, then lubrication might be the answer. A good squirt of metal lubricant may solve the problem.

If the rollers do need replacing, contact us to make an appointment to change them. Do not try this by yourself, especially the ones installed in the bottom section.

4. Springs

There are two types of garage door springs. Extension springs; which can be found above the upper tracks on both sides of the door. Torsion springs are located just above the closed door. If either of these springs you should contact us as soon as possible as this is a job solely for professionals.

If the springs are squeaking or making a small clanging sound, applying a spray metal lubricant or a small amount of motor oil should help with the sound. But, it’s best to contact us in this case.

5. Garage Door Opener

Take a look at the tension of the trolley mechanism, whether a chain or belt drive. If it is loose, consult your garage opener maintenance manual.

The rolling mechanism could also need lubrication. Depending on the opener brand, white grease can be applied to specific parts. If you have a chain drive system, use a metal lubricant. If you have a belt drive, do not involve any grease or lubricant. For any questions or concerns, contact us!