Garage Door Not Opening

Garage Door Not Opening

If your garage door is not opening for you, you will need to get it repaired. Most people take it for granted that their garage door will work for them each time they press the button on their remote, and when it doesn’t they don’t know what to do.

Why Won’t It Open

1. There are many things that can cause a garage door not to open. One very easy thing that could be causing this problem is the operator may not be plugged in. There could also be no power to the outlet where it is plugged in. If you are not sure if the outlet that you are using has power, plug something else into it to see if it works.

2. If your garage has a photo eye, it could be disrupted somehow. A photo eye will detect if someone or an object is in the way as the door is trying to close. Make sure there is nothing in the way, and also clean the photo eye if it has become very dirty.

3. The torsion spring could also be broken on your garage door. This is a very common problem that will cause your garage door not to open for you. These springs are what lifts the door for you when you press the button. If they are broken, the garage door will not open. You will need to call a repair technician to fix this problem for you.

4. Your remote may not be working. Try to use the button on the wall in your garage to see if it will open your garage. If it will, the batteries in your remote may be bad and need to be changed.


The door on your garage is very important as it keeps the things that you keep in your garage safe. Most people keep many things in their garage, including, cars, trucks, boats, lawnmower, and other expensive equipment. When you have a garage door that is closed, it is very hard for someone to break in. When your garage door is broken, however, it is much easier for someone to break into it.

Quick Repair

Most people do not have the proper skills to fix a garage door themselves. If you do not have the skills or the time it takes, you can call someone to come and repair it for you. There are many places that you can call, including Girard’s Garage Door Services. Companies like this have qualified technicians that can come to your home and repair your garage door so you will be able to open it.


Companies like this can also replace your garage door for you with a brand new one. If you have had your garage for some time, it may be time to replace it. Replacing your garage door is a great way to improve the exterior of your home. Companies like this have many styles and colors that you can choose from for your garage door to make sure it goes perfectly with your home.

No matter what is wrong with your garage door, you should call a qualified technician to fix it for you.