Garage Door Extension Spring Repair

Any kind of spring would lose its strength after some time. Springs are used for opening and closing garage doors smoothly. You will know that it is time for garage door extension spring repair when the movement of the garage door becomes jerky. If you are careful, you can get the repair done on time and avoid any kind of emergencies. It is advisable to get the garage door extension spring checked from time to time to predict damage and take precautionary measures.

2 Types Of Springs

A garage door has two types of springs namely torsion and extension spring. Torsion spring is used for twisting mechanism and is placed on the top side of garage doors. When the twist happens, strings attached to this spring help the door to open. Both the spring and the cables are huge and heavy. If you feel any need for repair, it is a good idea to seek professional help both for inspection and repair. The spring also helps in closing the door so you may feel jerky movement if the torsion spring is not working fine.

Extension Spring

Next comes the extension spring which as the name suggests is used for stretching mechanism. Their sole purpose is to make sure that the door opens and closes equal distance from either side. These springs are used in pairs and are of the same strength on both sides of the door. These may become lose over time and should be replaced for smooth opening and closing of a garage door. You may call for professional help or try to replace or repair them yourself. Remember that even though the replacement is more convenient, repair is cheaper. An expert will know whether replacement is necessary or repair is possible.

When To Replace

Garage door extension spring repair is again a difficult task. It will require caution and skill to get the job done. If you are trying to do it by yourself, make sure you know how to do it and may even ask a friend to help you. It is very important that the tension in both the springs is same. That is the only way the door will open evenly from both sides. You must have noticed that the door does not open straight when it is time to change the springs.

There is a lot of information available online as well as offline about how to go about garage door extension spring repair. Girards garage door repair service makes sure the right knowledge and the right tools will keep danger away.