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10 Important Garage Door Repair Tips

There are simple ways to solve certain problems, which can save you time and money. Consider these 10 garage door repair tips. Just make sure that you are mechanically inclined. If you aren’t, seek help from a professional.

1. If Your Door Isn’t Going Down-Check the Sensor

One of the major reasons that doors stop going down properly is because of the sensor. Could be a simple placement issue. Be sure to check the position & location that it is in first. You may be able to make a difference by placing it in a lower position. Keep objects away from the sensor. Blocking the sensor could be the cause of the door not working properly in many ways.

2. Garage Door Opener Issues

If you are having issues with the opener or remote, it could be as simple as changing the batteries or as complicated as fixing system that opens the garage door. While changing the batteries is the easiest repair, having to work on the rest of the door machinery may be far more complicated. If the batteries aren’t the issue, check to see if there is a problem with the electric.

3. Have Someone Help You With Heavy Lifting

If you are going to repair this yourself, please make sure that you have someone that can help you with heavy lifting and other aspects that require more than one person. This is for the sake of your safety. Not only that, but it can become costly if things break in the process.

4. There May Need to be an Adjustment

If there are issues with opening and closing, you can simply adjust the force setting by increasing it. There is a knob up top that allows for you to do that. Turn the knob slowly clockwise and make sure to keep checking until it is working the way it should.

5. The Motor Doesn’t Stop Running

The simple solution would be to adjust the limit switch. The limit switch could be in one of two places: The track or the rear. Make sure that you fixed it by checking it again.

6. Lubricate and Make Sure Nuts and Bolts are in Place

It is best to make sure that your garage door system is well lubricated and every piece is in place. If not, there could be both noise and stability issues.

7. Safety Maintenance is Important

You should have the door system looked at annually, especially if you suspect there are issues. This will make sure there aren’t issues you have overlooked.

8. Keep It Clean

Keep the tracks and other parts clean by using concentrated house cleaner. This will help to make sure that the grease and dirt goes away, which keeps the tracks smooth.

9. Replace Springs if Hard to Open or Shut

If you unplug the electricity from it and find that it is hard to open or shut, your springs likely need to be replaced.

10. Ask For Help

If you have tried everything you can from a do it yourself perspective, contact a professional. They will be able to help fix your garage door.

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