Questions to Consider

Have you bought a garage door opener? Are you deciding whether or not to install the garage door opener yourself?

Let Girard’s Garage Door Services ask some questions to help you with this decision.

  1. Are you mechanically inclined and able to troubleshoot problems from a manual?
    Yes – continue.
    No – call or e-mail Girard’s Garage Door Services for quick, reliable installation at a competitive price.
  2. Does your garage door open and close smoothly?
    A Garage Door Opener will not fix existing problems on a garage door but amplify them. If the door is not working correctly get it repaired before installing a garage door opener.
  3. What is the garage door made of?
    Many metal and fiberglass doors need additional structural support brackets before installing garage door openers so the door will not be damaged. Look on the door – there might be a sticker with this information – or consult your owner’s manual.
  4. What is the height of garage door itself?
    Doors over 7½ feet require rail extension kits available at point of purchase for an additional cost.
  5. What is the height of your ceiling?
    If the ceilings are low, make sure there is adequate headroom to install an opener; you may need a low headroom kit. If the ceilings are high, have additional steel available to hang the unit at a proper operating height.
  6. Is there other access to your garage?
    If the garage door is the only way out of the garage, you must install an “Emergency Through Door Release”. If the other door leads into the house, that is still considered other access for this purpose.
  7. Do you want to give up most of your Saturday installing this garage door opener?
    If the answer is no, contact Girard’s Garage Door Services for quick, reliable installation at a competitive price.

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