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    Bruce Lyster
    Bruce Lyster

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 month ago

    I called Girard's on a Friday afternoon, around 1:30. They told me that they could be at my home between 3-5pm that day, which I thought was a bit unrealistic. It turns out that they really tried to make it work, but they weren't going to be able to make it until some time around 7:00pm, which didn't work for me. We rescheduled for between 8-10am on Monday. They were a bit late, but they called to let me know and when they arrived, they were very apologetic, told me what was wrong and that they could fix it in a half hour for a very reasonable price. I was extremely satisfied with the service and the value for the cost. Would recommend them to anyone.

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    Garage Door Replacement, Openers & Garage Door Repair in Clinton, NJ

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    Most people count their home and their vehicle among their most valuable possessions. Both are at risk if your Clinton garage door is not secure. Evidence suggests entry through the garage door in a home invasion is increasing in frequency in Clinton. The reason? While most maintain security at their front and back doors, they are more apt to allow an insecure garage door entry to remain a weak point in their Clinton home security. Don’t leave your home vulnerable. Protect your possessions and your family’s security with a secure and well-maintained Clinton garage door.

    Your Clinton Garage Door And Home Security

    Current security features are available in many modern Clinton garage door models. If your garage door is out of date, consult a professional for a quote on a full replacement of your garage door. Such an investment in your home security now can potentially save you thousands of dollars by protecting your home from an invasion. If your Clinton garage door is well maintained and functioning properly, but lacks updated security features, consider seeking advice on security improvements, such as:

    • A keychain garage door opener, rather than leaving your opener in your vehicle when you are out.
    • Frosting on your Clinton garage door windows so valuables and your vehicle aren’t visible to anyone casing your home for a possible invasion.
    • A sturdy, heavy garage door with an option to padlock when you are out of town.
    • A deadbolt and a wide-angle peephole in the door between your Clinton garage and your home, as an extra checkpoint of security.

    Most importantly, never neglect maintenance on the mechanical parts of your automatic Clinton garage door opener, or on the door itself, including the hinges, frame and locks.

    Clinton Garage Door Services, Security Inspections

    For security advice, upgrades, or garage door repair in Clinton, NJ, call or Contact Girard’s Clinton Garage Door Services at 908.367.7259. We also provide emergency repair, service and replacement quotes, and are more than happy to inspect your garage to assure your home is as safe and secure as possible.

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